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in Specialized SBA Lending Education

A great education includes not only a general understanding of the rules and regulations but also has practical application of the requirements through instruction.  This integral part of understanding utilizing reasoning and critical thinking techniques satisfies the innate need to understand “why”.

Instruction of the practical application of SBA lending rules and regulations will be front and center in each class provided along with explaining how the individual topic ties back to the bigger scheme of things.  Hear what we mean when we discover and evaluate, “The forest vs the trees!”

Providing education in this manner leads to a better understanding of “how” to apply stated rules and regulations to various types of circumstances.  It also teaches the student a more complex set of thought structures to reason through those tricky and sometimes “one of a kind” situations.

Therefore, we say:
Pronounce, Perceive, Perform = P3

Pronounce, Perceive, Perform = P3

In other words,
Training + Practical Instruction = Great Education

Our concept of training applies critical thinking techniques and encourages the student to think 3 steps ahead.  First and foremost, defining and understanding the end goal is imperative to adequately coordinate the individual tasks associated with a process to accomplish the desired outcome.  Development of personnel with this thought in mind and additionally cross training positions will provide the necessary teamwork to accomplish SBA lending efficiently and effectively.

Our specialized training provided in this conceptual manner will aid you in success by:

  • Adding confidence in decision making
  • Creating operational efficiencies
  • Creating and adding to overall effectiveness
  • Providing better customer service
  • Increasing moral and overall happiness
  • Increasing performance and profitability

Curriculum is designed to provide individual personal development, as well as, overall team development.  Please contact us to discuss your position description and develop a curriculum designed specifically for you and your team’s peak performance. 

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Training is provided through live webinars and requested in person specialized classroom training at your location or ours.  Give us a call to discuss the development of a specialized SBA curriculum meeting your desired instructional principles and schedule.  Webinars can be found at the following links:

Performance Training: SBA 7(a) Lending Performance Training: SBA 504 Lending

Certificates of Participation, as well as, Complimentary Entity and Individual Training Reports are provided upon request. 

Come see what training and instructional opportunities are on the horizon for you!

Check back often as new classes are scheduled regularly.

Since we feel so strongly about the conceptual nature of our training and instruction, we have trademarked the concept as Preston Instruction Strategies Training Recognizing the Understanding of Critical Thinking Techniques, aka,


“You Perform, We Perfect”®


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