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  • Introduction

    The Preston Group’s proprietary products were derived from observing CDC’s struggles during years of SBA loan review. Products were reverse engineered to assist the CDC with accomplishing the stated goal of originating, closing, and servicing a loan in compliance with SBA mandates thereby reducing the potential of harm.

    The Preston Group’s proprietary products were designed to streamline the specialized aspects of SBA lending into a manageable process.

    Let us assist you with developing these necessary tools today!

  • SBA Process & Procedures Manual

    CDC’s must follow the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the SBA Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to comply with SBA mandates.

    The SBA Process & Procedures Manual provides CDC’s with the structural basis upon which to complete SBA requirements in a methodical, process driven, and compliant basis.

    A foundation and informational tool for an SBA department and training new employees in CDC lending!

  • Internal Control Policy

    All CDC’s must assess internal systems and processes to identify and evaluate known internal controls in the form of a written Internal Control Policy.

    Identification of checks and balances utilized throughout processes ultimately builds confidence with the SBA and assists with risk management protocols.

    A mandatory operational tool required by SBA!

  • SBA Checklists

    SBA Checklists consist of:

    • BDO Checklist
    • Processing Checklist
    • Closing Checklist
    • Pre/Post Closing Checklist
    • Servicing Checklist

    The Checklists are document driven to ensure all SBA required processes are followed when originating, closing, and servicing loans. The Checklists can be reconfigured to conform to your actual SBA loan processes.

    Checklists are a MUST in SBA lending!

  • SBA Organizational Charts

    Good foundational documents supporting an effective SBA lending process begin with robust Organizational Charts.

    These multi-tiered organizational charts illustrate not only the Board of Directors and the CDC’s organizational structure, but also provide the internal controls identified within SBA lending processes.

    Build the needed confidence with SBA through the use of these Organizational Charts!

  • Strategic Plan

    A SBA Strategic Plan must create a framework for short term and loan term goals while identifying and mitigating risk throughout the lending process.

    Operating strategies are outlined and discussed within the document to identify, inform, evaluate, and measure personnel and process success against benchmarks.

    An essential document for SBA lending!

  • SBA Borrower Contribution Reconciliation

    Reconciling Borrower Contribution is absolutely necessary to ensure the borrower has provided the required funds into the project prior to any loan proceeds being disbursed.

    The SBA Borrower Contribution Reconciliation provides the synopsis of actions taken supported by documentation identifying and sourcing the funds injected.

    The SBA Borrower Contribution Reconciliation tool assists with supporting the action to fund the debenture!

  • SBA Use of Funds Reconciliation

    Reconciling the Use of Funds is mandatory to ensure the appropriate movement of money occurs in concert with the approved SBA Loan Authorization.

    Changes in monetary amounts expended within categories attributed to project costs may require SBA Loan Authorization Change Actions.

    Final reconciliation post interim and permanent loan funding must be accompanied by applicable and supporting loan documentation.

    The SBA Use of Funds Reconciliation is an essential tool utilized to garner and fund the debenture!

  • Risk Rating System

    SBA requires every CDC to utilize a Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) compliant Risk Rating System to risk rate all SBA 504 loans at loan inception, subsequently on an annual basis, or at the time of any other elevated concern.

    Annual review of the SBA Risk Rating System is completed during the annual loan review process.

    The Preston Group’s Risk Rating System has streamlined this process into a comprehensive and methodical manner compliant with FFIEC standards.

    No need to worry about being in compliance with SBA requirements when using The Preston Group’s Risk Rating System!

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